Side Entry Ramp

An excerpt from "Tips for Folks with Mobility Limitations" Amazon Book

You can enter the car over the side ramp, and park it safely on the room that was created by moving middle row seats, and then you can move to the driver seat if you will drive, or to a passenger seat. You can remove front passenger seat, for instance in a Toyota Sienna minivan. So, you can move your legs and body easily to sit on the driver seat. You may still have a space between the front seats so that you don’t need to remove the passenger seat. Or the driver seat can be simply moved on a rail backwards to leave you more room to pass by and seat. Even though you remove front passenger seat, you’ll still have three passenger seats on the back row. Better yet, you have an ample rear cargo space behind the rear bench seat. Apart from the regular vehicles, vehicle floor is lowered to provide extra floor to ceiling clearance needed to permit a person to remain seated in their wheelchair while entering, riding in or driving the vehicle. One feature which is important specially to reduce the slope of the side ramp for a more convenient and safe passage over it is kneeling system on the ramp side.

Generally, same vehicle brands are available across the companies since they have learned from their experience and customer feedbacks. Mobility vehicles are usually expressed as mobility vans. If it is not for commercial use, then the best ones are minivans. They are generally Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and Dodge Grand Caravan for 2017 models.

Not surprisingly, the older the model year of the van is, the cheaper the van is. There are several factors determining the price of the van besides the model year:

1. Vehicle brand (Toyota is more expensive than Chrysler and Dodge.)

2. Vehicle model (For instance, Toyota Sienna SE is about $5,500 more expensive than Sienna LE.)

3. Minivan conversion manufacturer and model

4. Whether it is an in-floor ramp or foldable ramp

5. Whether the ramp is manual or automatic

6. Height of the door entry 

7.  Additional features[1]

a. Non-slip flooring for better wheelchair traction

b. Extra step for front doors

c. Hand controls

You can buy a new mobility van with an automatic side ramp for a price range between $45,000 and $75,000. The price of the conversion would not be more than $30,000.

SUV’s have been available recently as an alternative for the people who does not like to ride a family or senior vehicle. I will still prefer a minivan indeed. BraunAbility[2]offers a Ford Explorer with side ramp. Its price starts at $70,000.